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Tecno Service S.r.l

TECNO Service was born from the intuition of three professionals havong acquired twenty years experience om the field of industrial food. The bussines mission aims at satisfying three important needs:

  • Tehnical service aimed at the management of factories maintenance
  • Harmonization and adaptations of machinery to both E.C. and National directives
  • Machinery overhaul to improve its productive efficiency

Under these main categories, a series of activity sectors have been set up thus making the structure light an dynamic; in detail we can mention:



The efficiency of a factory highly depends on its maintenance. Even if it might seem trivial, this statement is not always properly applied, as a matter of fact profits reduction with subsequent costs cutting and continuous productive needs aimed at satisfying market needs make maintenance the least concern for businesses…

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The need, becoming more and more urgent, of working in safe workplaces could not be neglected. Yet such a need comes out with puzzling information that sometimes overwhelms common sense by originating useless and consequently hardlu recoverable cost…

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Very often, deriving from old machines con involve not only an immediate economic advantage but also the guarantee of finding technical solutions that can still be applied to restore the machines original functioning features while adding to them , why not, new technology, which is the result of our experience…

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