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Technical Service

The efficiency of a factory highly depends on its maintenance. Even if it might seem trivial, this statement is not always is not always properly applied, as a matter of fact profits reduction with subsequent costs cutting and continuous productive needs aimed at satisfying market needs make maintenance the least concern for businesses; that’s why set up a technical service being able to control costs without undermining the quality of interventions

An accurate analysis of costs togheter with thedynamism that characterizes our structure enable us to solve this kind of problem. The department we set up can organize and manage.

  • The immediate finding of commercial components that are mostly suitable,ì to solve the problem; indeed our company has intentionally decided not to be bound to specific brands since we deem , and experience proved we are right, that it not brand only that makes product quality, but it is rather the component producer’s experience with respect to its sector.
  • Teams of engineers-assemblers with specific task; at TECNO Service no mechanical engineer will considered the electrician and no electrician will ever turn into an electronic engineer, etc…; tasks assignement and consequent interventions are carried out verry quickly.
  • Management , throught a software system, of both routine and extraordinary interventions; both kind of interventions are catalogued and recorded to create reference archives and intervence where it turns out be necessary. Besides, the system automatically updates the list of check dates and dates of expiration.