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Very often, deriving from old machines can involve not only an immediate economic advantage but also guarantee of finding technical solutions that can still be applied to restore the machines original functioning feature while adding to them, why not, new technology , which is the result of our experience. In details:

  • Machine collection at the customer’s factory
  • Analysis of the general also through the original documents, if the are present
  • Complete restoratiuon of machinery functionality, and application of adaptations proved for by the law
  • Widening of functions with the application of modern technology (software and hardware systems)
  • Machine testing for one week for 24 hours a day at our seat
  • Drawing up of the compulsory documents  for the Machinery Directive
  • Working out of a training course about use, as provided for by the 626 law about occupational safety
  • Delivery and final testing at the customer’s factory, during this step , staff in charge that use of the machinery will supported, for a training period, by skilled engineers.